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Laser Treatment

Introducing the Most Versatile long pulse Nd: YAG Laser System for Permanent Laser hair reduction Laser hair removal with latest long pulse ND-Yag laser treatment is the best way to get rid from unwanted hair. This is the best method `by which unwanted body and facial hair can be reduced permanently. Excessive hair growth for both men and women can negatively affect their personality.

With this advanced technology one can get desired results in less number of sessions . Laser emits highly concentrated focused light beams which are called monochromatic light. It produces heat. This when operated passes though skin and hair and when the light penetrates the hair it reacts with the melanin pigment (which give color to the hair) and thereby destroys it from the root .

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Q. Can everybody take this treatment .Who are not eligible for this type of treatment.

Laser works on the principle of monochromatic light destroying hair follicle which contains more melanin pigment which gives color to skin and hair So the candidate whose hair color is darker then their skin is the ideal candidate, the more hair is black the more effective is the treatment. It will not be effective on grey skin having white hair. .

Q. What are the reasons for unwanted hair growth?

Usually female faces this problem of unwanted hair growth. Female ovaries produces a hormone called androgen (which is also called male sex hormone testosterone). If the body produces too much of this hormone, unwanted hair growth can be observed on the area where it is not supposed to be. Mainly females who are having pcos(poly cytic overy syndrome) problem, they are more prone for having unwanted hair growth 1 among 15 women has this pcos problem because of it this unwanted hair growth takes place .

The method used by laser hair removal treatment is called selective photothermolysis which is a beam of highly concentrated (monochromatic) light that is attracted to specific color or melanin which absorbs the laser light at a specific wavelength and converts laser into heat energy in the follicle and this heat energy destroys the follicular matrix inhibiting future hair growth.Laser targets the dark,coarse hairs and leave the skin undamaged.

Laser hair removal has become an advanced method of treatment for permanent hair removal since 1995.

Yes, since laser is a non-iodized form of energy, meaning that the energy level is too low to mutate cells, the treatment can only target the hair follicles.

All areas of the body can be treated effectively and safely. Mostly it is taken for Upper lips, Chin, Underarms, Side locks, Earlobes etc.

There are many factors that determine the number of sessions that will be required to achieve the desired results. Usually we recommend 6-8 sessions for each body area to be treated. Each person has approximately 5 million individual hair follicles, of which only 20% are head hair. The amount of hair and the pattern of hair growth are highly influenced by the androgen hormone testosterone.

For achieving permanent result by this treatment, the hair must be in its growing stage (Anagen) when treated. If the hair is inactive (catagen and telogen phase), it is not attached to its matrix and the laser light will not affect the follicle and the treatment will be ineffective.

Mono-cromatic light of laser is absorbed by the melanin pigment of hair without affecting the layers of skin and destroys the hair follicles. It targets only Anagen phage of hair growth cycle. Multiple sessions are required for the rest.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that requires training and experience and carries the potential risks of burning, blistering and discolorations. It is important to check the credentials of the doctor and the technician performing the procedure.

The procedure is even less painful then as compared to waxing. It is often compared to a snapping sensation, but the chiller which is done before laser cools the top of the skin so the treatment is comfortable.

The treated area may look red and feel slighting tingly which may last for only a few minutes or for as long as 48 hours. Ice packs, aloe vera, anti-inflammatory creams may be applied. Make-up can be applied the next day.

While medical treatments such as oral contraceptives or anti-androgens help to stop the production of new hair growth, it cannot get rid of existing excess hair. Laser hair removal and medication work well in combination but more treatments than average must be expected.

NO, hair should not be threaded, waxed or bleached prior to laser hair removal. The laser targets the hair root. Threading and waxing removes the root thus making laser ineffective. Since bleaching removes the color (melanin) of the hair, it makes treatment less effective.

Laser hair removal treats large area of the body at one time. Electrolysis is performed on individual hair follicles. In electrolysis, a needle is used to penetrate each follicle and makes a blast of electric energy to destroy the follicle and prevent hair from future growth. Electrolysis is a very painful and lengthy procedure.

At HealthyColors we consider each patients case on an individual basis. We look at skin type and the size of the area to be treated. Laser hair removal fees are based on the amount of time required to complete the area in a thorough manner. For individuals requiring many areas and sessions we offer Easy EMI options at 0% interest rate.