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Hair Care

  • Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Regrowth

    Healthy Colors offers a new stem cell hair regeneration treatment that is a revolutionary solution to hair loss; taking stem cells from your own body and transforming them into enduring new hair.

    What is Stem Cell?

    Stem Cell is the single cell which can replicate itself or differentiate into many cell type.

    As per the genetic experts, the stem cells which can work better for human hair re-growth is extracted from amniotic fluid which contains a ph of 7.0 to 7.5, which is highly acidic. This amniotic fluid had tremendous ability to differentiate into number of different cell type including brain, liver and bone. However these stem cells can be extracted from plant cells also.

    These stem cells are further activated with natural proteins and then the serum which is prepared from it is injected on to the scalp for hair fall control and regrowth.

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    What are the reasons for Hairfall and Baldness?

    In general human scalp has 1-2 lacs hair follicles. Less then 100 hair fall per day is normal but if one observes hair fall more then 100 strands then it is a clear symptom of hair fall.

    Genetically the most common cause for this type of androgenic hair loss is due to the activity of hormone DHT, this product of Testesterone when reacts with hair follicles, causes them to Shrink, thereby, hair thins and falls out.

    Apart from it General reasons for hair falls are following

    • Diet Difficiency
    • Pollution Factor
    • Heredity
    • Stress and Inadequate Sleep

    How much results one can expects from it?

    One can expect 50 to 80% of results from this treatment depending upon ones body response.

    How many sessions are generally required?

    We recommend 8 to 15 sessions over a period gap of approximately 20 days.

    What precautions one should take after the treatment?

    one should not wash hair same day, some pain may be there which subsides overnite.

    What are the cost associated with it?

    Price as low as approximately Rs. 5000/- per session, we charge which is the lowest in the Market.