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Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad

Skin Peels for Pimples & Color Improvement

Chemical Peels exfoliates upper skin layer (epidermis) and rejuvenates it. It is usually taken for the symptoms like

  • Skin Tanning
  • Complexion Improvement
  • Pimple cure

What are the reasons for pimples or acne? Why it happens?

The reason for acne is over secretion of sebum from sebaceous gland, which is attached with the hair follicle on dermis layer of skin. It continuously secrets an oil or sebum which flows out on epidermis every hour, every day. This keeps our skin healthy and moist.

Mostly in females during puverty there is excess discharge of this sebum which when is small called white head, and when melanin pigment present in sebum reacs with light it turns black that is called black heads, The same when grows bigger in size called pimple or acne.

This may also happen mostly when the skin pores from which sebum secrets gets blocked, either by rubbing the skin with hand or applying more cosmetics.

It is advisable to keep skin clean all the time with more gentle face wash.One should use enough moisture, drink plenty of water, use oil free products, avoid touching affected areas

For acne cure healthycolors has many treatments like treating with benjoil peroxide, alpha hydroxy peels, salicylic peels, and vitamin A solutions.

The main aim for these type of treatments are

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Stimulates the growth of new skin cells
  • Kills bacteria
  • Controls the sebum secretion
  • Drys excess oil

Other general reasons for acne are

  • Heridity
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Medications
  • Harsh Cosmetics

Is there any side effect with chemical peel treatment?

Our experienced doctors first does a test for skin sensitivity and separate patch test to ensure no complication arises later. Since we take all necessary precautions we ensure treatment is fully safe and has no side effect.

How many sessions are required and after how many sessions, I can see the results?

Usually 6-8 sessions are required and visible results can be seen after every session.

What is the cost for the treatment?

Since we have many types of chemical peels like glycolic acid peels, lactic acid peel, TCA peels, Salicylic peel etc, it is only possible to assess the cost after type of peel and number of session required are known. However we promise to keep our rates most economical.